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It was on a 2020 holiday to the Philippines;

100 metres underground in an otherworldly limestone lagoon, that the penny dropped.

We sat and watched as group after group tried to get the money shot for the gram’.

We felt their pain at not being able to get the shot they imagined, and we took it personally…



Chief photographer and the hypeman of all hypemans.

Bradley’s unique style is driven by the desire of making the subject feel like the only person in the room. A striking, inimitable style under natural-light; nothing looks quite as beautiful as through his lens.

More of a journey than a photoshoot;

Bradley will make you love yourself all over again.




An indescribable aura; a mission to share her energy with the world.

Jessica’s meticulous eye to detail is infamous amongst customers old and new; with the license to roam her end product is nothing short of breathtaking.

The queen of street portraiture, she’ll leave her mark long after the photoshoot is finished.

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