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It’s a Snapshot People party

Our magical venture into large-scale events and festivals, in and around London. We’re beyond grateful to be working with household name brands and venues as we take our distinctive photography style on to the dance-floor to document the return of dancing.

Want us to come and capture the magic of your party as it unfolds?

We’ve made the process super-easy and you could be on the way to having the unmistakable Snapshot People experience in minutes.

How it works?

Drop us a message and let us know which party you’d like us to cover, and when.

Does it have a website/Instagram page currently?

Perhaps its a new party which we love as we’re also a start-up - tell us as much as possible as we’re dying to see :)

What's your vision for the photos? We’ll deliver our trademark portraiture style under ambient light and shots of the crowd which depict the energy on the dancefloor.

A mixture of both of these is always advisable, but if you prefer one to the other just let us know.

Do you have a venue for the event? We know that the return of the events industry has meant there’s never been greater demand for good venues - we’ll travel outside of London for the right event so let us know where you’re thinking.

Which DJ's are playing? We’re just as much ravers as we are photographers, and are blessed to be in a job that allows us to work at so many amazing parties. Has the lineup been confirmed yet?


You didn’t think
we’d leave out the corporate world did you? 😉

We’d never do that! Here’s a little secret. Before photography, both of our careers started off there, and one of our biggest observations was that there’s often little scope for creativity in the corporate world.

Our new venture takes the energy from our unique street portraiture and brings it into the corporate world as we offer high-end event photography for any need you and your staff could imagine. Oh and it doesn’t stop there - after a wildly successful soft launch, we’ll soon be officially launching our new arm of the business ‘The Headshot People’ where we take headshots from a box-tick exercise into a dynamic new world where its something to get excited about.

We’ll snap your staff either in the office or a cute space nearby; we’re set to work with some of the UK’s most exciting tech firms on this so get involved at the start. All equipment we use is state of the art and can be brought into the office should your preference be us coming to you.


As a side note, we couldn’t be happier about the time we’ve chosen to launch this, as many are making arrangements to go into their office for what is the first time, having secured the job and worked from home since.

There’s never been more of a need for both good team morale and fresh headshots, so allow us a chance to bridge the gap between the corporate and creative worlds, and deliver the best portraits/headshots in the game for your employees :)


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