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Want to get your brand noticed? 😉

After the unprecedented reaction to our Street Shoots. it was inevitable that while we’re shooting all these amazing people, why not showcase some brands too? The Snapshot People fashion/branding shoots were born.

We’re delighted to be taking some of the hottest new London brands on either 2, or 3-hour (recommended duration) photoshoots around London. 

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Have you checked out the Kings Cross tunnel yet? We took a trip there with @oliveinnit a c

Clothing and fashion is a saturated industry right?

Let’s create some content which stands out in the crowd. We’ve streamlined the process to make it as easy as possible, and the end results have been nothing short of breathtaking.

How it works?

Get in touch and let us know which brand you want us to photograph.

Does it have an Instagram page currently?

If so, link us so we can take a look :)

What sort of content would you like us to create for the brand? We have 10 different photoshoot routes and various custom spots that you can choose from so let us know which vibe works best. We believe differentiation is key for branded content, and fancy ourselves as specialists in choosing the perfect locations, so ask how we can help.

Do you have your own models in mind or would you like some of our team to rock the clothing?

Head on over to our Models page to see who is available. Either bring your own models or send the clothing to us and we’ll do it all for you; it’s really as simple as that.

When would you like to shoot? 

Let’s chat so we can get the brand on the

way to smashing its goals.


Had a great experience working with the Snapshot People. From the communication to the prep, I was informed along the journey as to what to expect. I confidently send clients their way knowing that they will be taken care of.

Patrick, Hot Money Studios



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