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The Full Story


So on an amazing trip to the Philippines in February 2020, we couldn’t help but notice the same thing time and time again. At some of the most magical spots we’d seen in our lives, people were spending the majority of their time there trying to get that perfect insta shot.


We all want that money shot for the gram, but what could we do as seasoned travellers to maximise the time people spend enjoying the locations – what if we could take away the stress of the photos completely? On that note, The Snapshot People was born. ​ ​


We only went and launched right before a pandemic, didn't we? We managed to squeeze 3 insta tours in before London was locked down; and while we were grateful for that it came at a time we were really beginning to gain momentum. While we initially thought our customers would be visitors to London, it became obvious after week 1 in business that we will in fact be a platform for up and coming talent. 

More about us

We worked with an up and coming musician, a fashion student showcasing her employers fashion line and an influencer who had not long launched his own clothing line. All of these people wanted different shots, but the consistent was their tour provided them with unique content that made them stand out in saturated industries. Their tours led to bookings from other musicians, influencers, brands, models and some wanting photos just for fun. All of a sudden, we realised we'd found a niche and the sky was the limit. ​ ​

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