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The Snapshot People. We’ve got you...

The Snapshot People create unique photoshoot experiences in and around London, in a timeless fashion that freezes the moment forever.

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How It Works?

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We’ve created something for each and every one of you. Take a look at our shoot offerings and get in touch so we can work out a date/time for the best photoshoot of your life. Not sure which one to go for? Just give us a call 


Once you’re booked in, you’ll receive a pack which confirms all the finer details including the meet point of the shoot, and a few little tips from the team to help you prep for the big day. Excited yet?


The day has finally arrived. Just turn up with a smile and

we’ll take care of the rest, as you become a celebrity for the day with London’s #1 photographers. It’ll be one of

the best days of your life - mark our words


Within 5 working days of the shoot, we’ll have all

the photos uploaded on to an online gallery for you to treasure forever. It really is as simple as that

Introducing The Snapshot People.

We’re aren’t just London’s #1 photographers. We’re the founders of a revolutionary new concept. Photographers, content creators, visionaries.


We aren’t just a service; we’re a platform and we’re a community. We support, we cheer and we connect. We dream and we achieve. Together.

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Our Route Concept

We’ve done the hard work for you and created 10 blockbuster, 2-hour photoshoot routes around the capital. Whether you want raw and urban, quirky and colourful, a pop of neon or anything in between, we’ve got something just for you.

Welcome to the best photoshoot experience in town.

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The City Tour

The iconic London experience. Take a stroll with us around some of the capitals most recognisable landmarks, with a few hidden Snapshot People gems along the way. Get your socials off to a flyer with our debut street shoot.


Did you know? This was the first street shoot we ever launched back in 2020, and couldn’t have dreamed that 1 year later we’d have TEN on offer. We’ve had everything from musicians, fitness models, athletes and couples on this route, so its versatility is unrivalled.

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Beyond the Basin

A real mixed bag. Come on an adventure around a virtually untouched part of East London, as we hit colourful art spaces and tunnels, and into an underground basin to finish. Trust us when we say we’ve uncovered a truly unique route, and we want you to see it.

Did you know? You get value for your money with this one, as in addition to the above, we visit a beautiful green space away from the crowds. Reminiscent of one of our Park Snapshoots, this tranquil area promises beautiful content which you can send to your mum.

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Concrete Jungle

About as urban as it gets. An underground adventure through disused tunnels and car parks, and then back above ground into a gritty estate that looks tailor-made for a music video shoot. X-rated and raw; drop us a message to discuss first if you think this is for you.


Did you know? The total area of where we’ll be shooting is 35 ACRES, so we’re always finding new nooks and crannies. We believe everyones content should be unique to them, so if you want to stand out from the crowd; do not sleep on this one.

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The Writings on the Wall

Colourful and quirky backdrops brought to life in true Snapshot People fashion in one of the grittiest neighbourhoods in London. This looks like you’re on about 5 different film sets at once and is co-founder Jess all-time favourite.


Did you know? Simply put, this is our most popular daytime shoot and is an absolute monster if you want vibrant and stand-out content. Come rain or shine, this route has been tried and tested to ensure there’s no better photo experience around.


Neon Dreams

The one we were planning since inception; come join us on a journey that rewrites perception. Our first night shoot experience and without a doubt our most experimental yet. Using street lights, shopfronts and installations to create your very own neon dream.


Did you know? This one is infamous among our existing customers, and only those who’ve experienced it will know exactly what goes down. In the summer months (June-September), our shoot start times go all the way up until midnight if you’re a night-owl.

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Explore the city of London after dark away from the crowds. We’ll light up these locations in ways you didn’t even know existed. By no means one for the fainthearted, but what good story ever started from playing it safe?


Did you know? This shoot is the sequel to Neon Dreams, and was designed during UK lockdown in 2020 when we didn’t have enough neon for the dream. We designed this and it ended up being a firm favourite amongst the thrill-seekers of The Snapshot People.


Gritty Little Notting Hill

From glam to gritty in the blink of an eye. Start at colourful locations that look fresh out of Vogue and finish up off the beaten track at a high-rise circle of possibility. Bring a change of clothes to match the drastic change of scenery.


Did you know? This route was going to be straight luxe vibes until we found an absolute gem of a location towards the end of a route. The beauty of designing these shoots is you never know when you’re about to stumble across a game-changing gem.

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Juiced Up

Our premium night offering in the Deep South that’ll shock you to the core. Be the subject of a night photography masterclass and see London in a scene reminiscent of New York. Truly one of a kind and the start of a revolution.

Did you know? Of all our shoot names, this is by far our favourite, yet no-one seems to understand it until they experience it. You can congratulate us after the shoot when it all makes sense.


The Space Shuttle

Tackle 2 sides of a long and winding haunted tunnel before heading on over to one of our Themed Shoots. A pioneer in contrasting vibes and one we’ve been excited about rolling out for a long time now.


Did you know? The story goes that the ghosts of Victorian people are thought to be roaming about in this 100-year old tunnel. Will you brave it for the content?

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Tower 29

Late night London in all its glory;

follow the light with us and uncover the elusive Tower 29.


Could this be the greatest night of your life?

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If These Streets had Eyes

Strike a pose against the iconic London Eye and Westminster Abbey,

before an escapade around a riverside skatepark. An ideal choice for anyone who can’t decide between City and Gritty content.

Because life’s too short not to have both.


Did you know? This is a fusion of both ‘The City Tour’ and

‘The Writings on the Wall’ and is launching officially

in preparation of 2022 when tourists return.

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